Sunday, May 3, 2009

What About Fear?

By: Laura Bonetzky-Joseph, R.M.T., C.M.A

What do you fear the most? Do you think about it often? How is that working for you so far in your life?

I remember reading the statement “What you fear the most, will manifest the most” (The Secret). I have never realized this to be so true more than ever. Just like everyone else I have had my own life struggles to learn and overcome. The biggest one was my fear.

In today’s economy, people’s fear is strengthening in numbers and the fear is growing. I wonder what the economy would be like if we all confronted our fears head on instead of letting them control our lives.

I remember watching the movie “Batman Returns” and had a light bulb moment while sitting on the sofa on a winter’s evening engrossed in the move. Now I would like to start off by saying that I am not a big Batman movie fan as I find them very dark.

If you have never seen the movie “Batman Returns”, I highly recommend it. What appealed to me the most was how Bruce Wayne had everything, wealth, power, looks, smarts, & a loving family. He recalls a memory he had when he fell deep into a cave. Like any other child, he was cold and scared, but did not realize the cave was full of bats. Upon hearing Bruce’s vibration of his voice, the bats flew in a fury out of the cave as he was being rescued by his father. This became Bruce’s greatest fear. However, at a snap of a finger his whole world changed forever when both of his parents were murdered when he was a young boy. Have you ever experienced a drastic shift in your life similar to Bruce Wayne’s?

You have two roads you can follow when a tragic event such as this happens. You can travel the path most traveled or the road less traveled. As an adult, Bruce ran away from his life. Got into trouble that landed him in a foreign prison.

Where am I going with all this? I am getting there.

Bruce was rescued by this secret group claiming to rid the world of evil. They trained him the martial arts and the art of knowing his surroundings by using his sixth sense. He learned to put his ego aside and be one with the universe. In order to complete this process, he also had to learn to overcome his greatest fear - bats. By doing this, he turned his greatest fear into his greatest strength his life lesson, and ultimately his destiny as Batman.

We have to stop - remove ourselves - and observe what is happening in our lives. Take a look at our health - our finances - our relationships - our work etc. What are you manifesting in your life? If there is a lot of chaos or a soap opera lifestyle, then the chances are you have deep rooted fears preventing and blocking you from achieving all the good in life that the universe has to offer.

Fear can be anything. Fear of losing a loved one. Fear of not having enough money saved. Fear of losing your job. Fear of divorce. Those are just some of the things people can fear. Are trying too hard to control your life? If so, then fear is also present in some form or another or you would not try to control it. You can’t control anything. The universe has a way of giving you what you need or what when deemed appropriate by the standards of the universe - not yours.

The first step is to acknowledge what is not working and identify those fears that are interfering in your life. Then once that is done, the hardest part is completed. You can begin to move forward in your life and begin manifesting all the good the universe has to offer. This takes one day at a time, and lots of practice and work - a lot more than I could begin to write in this article. You may need the help of your doctor, therapist, energy worker, pastor, holistic practitioner, coach or anyone other professional that can work with you in this process depending on how deep rooted the fear is driven.

Once you can learn to release your fears into the universe, you will be amazed at how many good things will flow into your life. The work is going through the process, the journey of it all, and the life lessons learned along the way. To me, figuring out that life lesson and addressing that fear was the most difficult part of this journey. Now, I am stronger, wiser, and lot more grounded and secure with myself. I also learned to trust my instincts. Bruce Wayne did the same in the movie. The weight that is lifted of your shoulders is so remarkable it feels like a dream.

I hope you can find out what is keeping you back from all the abundance the universe has to offer. I sincerely hope this article was able to assist in the beginnings of your journey.

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